Swan 120: The Finnish Jewel

The Finnish luxury sailboat maker Nautor’s Swan, that has already produced such wonders as the Swan 78 and the Swan 98 models, now launches the Swan 120 – whose quality, design and capability were attested in the Monaco Yacht Show’s latest edition, which ran from September 26-29, 2018.

Swan 120 Sailing Yacht

The Swan 120 is the Nautor’s largest luxury sailboat produced by the brand. With a design specially designed to guarantee performance, maneuverability and speed, it is the ideal boat for trips in general and especially sports competitions.

According to specifications given on the manufacturer’s official website, the Swan 120 is the result of the joint work developed between the Argentine naval architect Germán Frers (who made his first project for a yacht in 1958) and the internal design made by the Genovese architect Misa Poggi – in addition to the Finnish engineering of Nautor’s Swan.

Swan 120 Sailing Yacht Construction Materials

Made of SPRINT® carbon fiber, the model’s hull and deck are, at the same time, lightweight and sturdy. The deck has a reduced width, ensuring a thin look to the yacht. The materials guarantee integrity, strength, durability and dynamism to the model, making it a “luxury sports model”.

There are two main concepts at the inner part, the Owner Forward and the Owner Aft. Both configurations offer three guest cabins, each with a suite, with Italian fabrics and finishes specially developed for this model. The design ensures excellent natural lighting, plus a large lounge and a dining area. Swan has retained some typical traditional features of brand identity, such as the pilot berths found on yachts produced in the 1970s.

With a Scania Dl13 081M engine with 331 KW of power and 450 Hp, speed is a natural part of the Swan 120. The sailboat weighs about 99,000 kg (218,257 lb) without load and 112000 kg (246917 lb) loaded.

The Swan 120 is both a compact and comfortable model, combining practicality, luxury, comfort and resistance, making it the masterpiece of Nautor’s and one of the best luxury sailboats ever produced in the world. It’s definitely the junction between the Finnish nautical tradition and the projection of new concepts that can be the basis for other luxury fast sailing models’ category.

This is one of the perfect examples that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort to receive quality, nor good taste to take a good performance. Refinement and endurance are two items present in this masterpiece, and the Swan 120 will definitely be a recognized element in all seas – and in the main regattas.

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