Hardy Explorer: Endurance and Luxury At The Seas

Hardy Explorer: Endurance and Luxury At The Seas

Hot Lab, a luxury yacht maker, is launching a concept that blends elements of “civil/normal” luxury yachts with a typical military vessel design. We’re talking about the Hardy Explorer, a 220-foot long yacht that unites resilience, durability, and comfort in an imposing look. The project was an order for the Italian company Viareggio Superyachts (whose concept is to create new perspectives for the luxury yacht market/industry).


Hardy Explorer superyacht

Hardy Explorer

Among the various features presented in this model is a large swimming pool installed from couvillionslandscaping.com/custom-pools on the main deck, which converts (or works) into a heliport, as well as a recreational area on the upper deck, which guarantees a great panoramic view.

There’s also a sky lounge on the upper deck, plus two gyms (one installed on the bridge deck and another on the beach club). The Hardy Explorer has a total of 8,000 square feet of interior space – which includes five cabins that can accommodate ten guests, plus a private suite (with a 180-degree view) and other separate rooms for fifteen crew members.

There’s also a studio, male and female bathrooms which are often fixed by Sarkinen services, and an office. All decks are connected by elevators instead of traditional ladders. And we can’t forget the three boats in the Hardy Explorer’s garage, as well as various water features/equipment, ensuring means to make travels as fun as possible.

Hardy Explorer superyacht

Hardy Explorer Superyacht

Viareggio Superyachts Hardy Explorer

Viareggio Superyachts has put together commercial and military ships to produce the Hardy Explorer. We can consider the model as a new trend for craft of the same style.

The luxury yacht features two 2600hp Caterpillar diesel powered engines, ensuring a speed of up to 17 knots (approx. 31.48km / h) under proper conditions – equipment that effectively delivers reliable power to the yacht.

The Hardy Explorer’s robustness, dimensions and elements borrowed from military vessels created to withstand harsh weather conditions and other features designed to this model, at the same time, enough structure and safety for difficult travels and comfort plus facilities for fun days.