Charter a Yacht in Portofino

Emerald green hills are beautifully broken up with pink and ochre fishermen’s houses, and the hills contain a mix of pines, palms and cypresses.

This elegant village is a gem of the Italian Riviera and it’s not hard to see why so many flock here to experience its modern amenities against a charming, tranquil backdrop.

Designer boutiques and charming cafes adorn cobbled streets, and you’ll find a host of scenic walking routes to enjoy the village from a different perspective.

Super yachts venture here via the turquoise waters, making use of the beautiful harbor – the perfect place to anchor and relax.

A Private Charter to Portofino, Italy

The Italian Riviera—sunlight, baked in warm breezes, soaked in shockingly blue waters, and bursting full of green life that sprouts from this slice of craggily coastline. Dive in, fully and headfirst.

A little fishing village called Portofino is quietly nestled along the Riviera, brimming with quintessential charm. To say Portofino wields its quaintness and enchantment like a mystifying spell would be an understatement. The town is gathered around a small harbor, with triumphantly green hills meeting in descent to rows of colorful square buildings that neatly line the shore.

Portofino has drawn not just charters into its waters, but celebrities and artists who flock to its scenic spot. This slice of the Italian Riviera has realized natural beauty, to the point where the tide of tourism replaced the town’s economical roots grown from its fishing industry.

Your Luxury Charter Itinerary to Portofinio

Its iconic gem colored harbor houses another renowned piece of imagery: Christ of the Abyss, a submerged statue anchored deep into the inlet’s sparkling waters at a depth of 56 feet. The statue honors the memory of the first Italian to utilize scuba gear, but also serves to protect both fellow scuba divers and fishermen as they migrate the often times unpredictable waters.

Follow a path from the Piazzetta to Castello Brown, a 16th-century fortress suited with a museum and art exhibitions, and crowned with sweeping views of the town below and the Ligurian Sea at its doorstep. In a cove tucked within the bay hides a historic 10th-century abbey, Abbazia di San Fruttuoso, featuring an ancient Roman cloister and a history museum. It’s a two-hour walk from Portofino, a scenic one with sweeping views along the way, but if the idea of the trek doesn’t appeal to you, travel by ferry instead, for a just as beautiful journey. And for a different way to view Portofino’s storied past, visit Museo del Parco on the hillside, an open-air museum that invites guests to wander manicured grounds amongst classic and contemporary works of art.

But the sweet scenes of Portofino inspire more art to call for more than a few museums. See for yourself what attracts artists to this Italian Riviera hotspot at Galleria D’Arte Portofino, where you can walk the well kempt gallery halls to view the city’s pride and joy on its walls. And for your architectural fill, visit San Martino, the town’s Catholic church, a fine display of First Romanesque architecture, but an even better view from the high-perched cliffs.

In Portofino, nature is an artist, too. The Marine Protected Area of Portofino is born out of submerged cliffs, small inlets cupped by bluffs coated with healthy vegetation, waters as blue and clear as crystals, and teeming with marine life that makes scuba diving in the area all the more thrilling. In the same vein is Monte di Portofino, a nearby mountain with trails for hiking, running, trekking, and even an abbey along the way. Climb the heights of it to catch some of the best views Portofino has to offer its guests.

There are a number of footpaths that beckon novice to expert hikers throughout Portofino, all immersing adventurers through the best of the region’s nature: bristling with myrtle, wild with hawthorn, and thick with holly and hawthorn. Portofino National Park encloses the best of the land, from its richly green hills, to its steep stony cliffs, outlined by the mesmerizingly blue waters below.

La Cervara San Girolamo Abbey at Monte di Portofino embodies one word: stunning. A true Italian experienced, the monastery may be old, but it certainly doesn’t act its age. The grounds are that of an exquisite castle, the food of a fine restaurant, and the service and people are that of a five star hotel. It shares similar stellar sights with Portofino’s remarkable lighthouse, which sits in a lonely watch atop a stony cliff, but accompanied by a lively cocktail bar and the slapping waves of the scenic waters below.

For the shopping enthusiast, Portofino does not disappoint. Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta draws in crowds, and the plazas do not shy away from high end shops like Gucci and Luca. If you’re out and about, don’t pass up tasting the town’s local wines. Seafood here is the specialty, and it would be a crime to not indulge in pasta paired with the day’s fresh catch. The restaurants that ring the harbor are known for serving up some of the best Italian dishes in the region, and of course can only be complimented with the wines brought from local vineyards to truly round out the meals.

Dive into Liguarian dishes like stuffed cuttlefish, pastas with nut sauce or cooked with nettles and pesto, crunch into fresh focaccia, and sip on a rich cup of Italian coffee, some of the best you’ll ever have. When in Portofino, be prepared to make room in your stomach to fill up on expertly prepared food again and again, but after all, that’s what all the footpaths are for. So, take a hike at Cala dell’Oro after a hearty seafood-pasta lunch, a gorgeous nature preserve just to the West, where ice-blue waters are cusped by stoic grey cliffs, a perfectly created swimming sanctuary for the determined traveler.

It wouldn’t be a trip to the Italian Riviera without hitting the world’s best beach spots. In Portofino, catch a bus from Piazza della Libertà to Paraggi Bay to soak up the warm rays of the sun at the best swimming beach in the area. Walk along Porto Pidocchio, a gem of spot located at the edge of the beach near Punta Chiappa, where the tranquility of Portofino is in sync with the waves.

Embark on a Luxury Charter to Portofino, Italy

The Riviera itself is a dazzling place, but Portofino is even more so. The hills and cliffs are demanding, but for guests willing to make the climb to their peaks, the rewards are unrivaled views of nature’s finest work. Charter to Portofino—you’ll discover more here than a fishing village, and that is its biggest secret waiting to be uncovered.