Charter a Yacht in Montenegro

A Luxury Charter to Montenegro

There’s a small country along the easy turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, just west of Croatia and south of Albania; it’s Montenegro, and the cleanliness of its cities and ruggedness of its mountainous landscapes are just the tip of what this country has to offer. From slate colored cliffs, serene stretches of beach, to lush, lively valleys and vineyards, and the rushing river canyons in between, Montenegro is as multi-faceted in its beauty as its evolving and diverse history.

When you step aboard a private charter, you’ll witness the best of Montenegro, and you’ll come to discover that traveling via luxury yacht is the only method of transport that matches the country’s elegance and dignity.


Your Montenegro Private Charter Itinerary

Montenegro’s rich history offers an insight to the attraction of its sights by visitors all across the globe. The country’s long journey to independence has allowed it to flourish, staking its name as an integral part of Southeastern Europe and beyond.

Montenegro’s past is reborn in its city streets, architecture and the very art that emerged from its centuries-long metamorphosis into its own independent national identity. There’s the Ulcinj Old Town, where Cyclopean walls of centuries bygone still stand, in stark contrast to the thriving nightlife scene next door. In the central region, there’s the Ostrog monastery, a known pilgrimage site, not just for the religiously inclined, but also for curious tourists. The Monastery of Ostrog looks as if it was carved from the face of the cliff itself, as it stands against a near-vertical rocky background of Ostroška Greda.

Montenegro’s refined beauty takes shape in Podgorica, the capital and largest city in the nation. Elements of natural grandeur manifest in the surrounding Lake Skadar, the River Cijevna waterfalls near the city’s limits. Gorica Hill, the quiet, expansive vineyards, and the thundering Moraća river canyon. There’s much to do in the capital—catch a football game at the Podgorica City Stadium, visit the National Museum of Montenegro, the Natural History Museum, or make time for a stop at the Montenegrin National Theatre. Gaze at the intricate interior of the Podgorica Cathedral, or the meticulously designed grounds of the former residence of King Nikola I Petrović, where it now serves as an art gallery.

Mogren beach is here for those looking for a quiet afternoon. Sheltered by cliffs, it’s the ideal spot for sunbathing, swimming or a stop at a nearby café. Montenegro is not without its mountainous areas, like Bjelasica, a ski resort suited with a lake and plentiful trials for hiking. There’s also Lovcen National Park, for rocky mountains intermixed with bright green sprouts of grass, and its unique feature of the mausoleum of Njeos.

Visit Black Lake, an enormous glacial lake and canyon that offers walking paths perfect for hiking and navigating to smaller lakes nearby. Ada Bojana, a small isle with the quaint, seaside charm of a coastal city – equipped with waterfront restaurants serving the best of Montenegrin foods. For hikers with an affinity for greater heights, there’s Bobtov Kuk, daring them to reach its 8,278-foot soaring peak for unparalleled valley views below.

Over the Tara River in northern Montenegro, there’s a concrete arch bridge, called Đurđevića Tara Bridge, an iconic sight between the villages of Trešnjica and Budečevica. The visit alone is remarkable, but bungee jumping off this bridge takes it to the next level. Pamper yourself at Mamula, home to a former 18th-century fort, or at Jaz Beach – a hotspot—literally and figuratively speaking. Montenegro is perfect for sunbathing, camping, outdoor concerts, bar-hopping, and of course – sparkling blue waters.

Visit Montenegro in Style—A Private Luxury Yacht Charter

It’s no wonder why Montenegro spent much of its time being fought over. Finally, with its shockingly recent independence, the nation can claim its unique identity and relish in its natural and breathtaking landscapes. Montenegro sends an invitation with its bolstered pride, and accepting it means a trip of a lifetime.