What to Pack for a Yacht Charter Vacation

Before you head on your luxury charter vacation, you’ll need to plan what to take with you. Of course, destination, time of year, and the yacht you’re hiring are all factors in deciding what to take with you, but in this article we’ve taken a look at some of the key essentials you won’t want to be without.


While you’ll want to take plenty of belongings with you, keep in mind that cabin space on board is often limited, so try to plan outfits carefully and pack well.


Swimwear Galore

When it comes to swimwear, don’t hold back! You’ll most likely wear swimwear more than any other type of clothing on board, so it’s the perfect excuse to splash out on some new purchases before you sail.


Light Clothes

Be sure to pack lighter, summery clothes for your vacation, unless you’re heading somewhere cool such as Scandinavia or Alaska. Comfortable shorts, flowing dresses, slacks, and sarongs are all great things to pack, and will keep you looking stylish and cool on board. Of course, you may want to pack smarter clothing for the evening, if you’re looking to explore or enjoy a formal dinner on deck.


Light Sweater

A light sweater or comfortable sweatpants should also be packed so you’re prepared for cooler evenings at the end of a warm day, or a sudden brisk breeze as you sail. Sweatpants are also good for snuggling in the cabin.


Hats and Headwear

It’s a great idea to pack a number of hats – just in case a gust of wind blows at 30 knots. Of course, hats are also a great type of sun protection. It’s a great idea to save those giant floppy hats for still days, and a number of cap types for the blustery afternoons at sea.



There’s nothing more decadent than wearing the trendiest pair of sunglasses while checking out your surroundings from deck. Why not take a few pairs with you to match each outfit?


International Adaptors

Perhaps you’re chartering a yacht built in France, owned by an American family, and cruising Caribbean waters, so it’s a sure thing that you may be unsure as to what the plug sockets will be like on board. It’s a great idea to reach out to your charter broker before you sail to check which international adaptors you’ll need. Most yachts do provide one international adaptor per room but that most likely won’t be enough.


Movie or Music Downloads

It’s a great idea to purchase your music or favorite movies before you sail. Often, the Wi-Fi signal on board won’t be as strong as that on land, so streaming can provide something of an interrupted experience.


Electronic Devices

OK, so you probably don’t need reminding, but be sure to take the electronic devices you need to watch your movies and box sets!


Medicines & Seasickness Tablets

If you suffer from seasickness, be sure to pack those pills before you set off. It can be handy to carry seasickness tablets even if you’re usually fine, just in case the sea becomes turbulent. It’s also handy to carry additional medications such as painkillers or natural remedies, just in case you or your guests feel a little under the weather while you sail.



While you’ll benefit from plenty of luxury toiletries on board (although in most cases you’ll also be charged for them), it’s a good idea to pack your favorite brand toiletries and plenty of sunscreen. Avoid suntan oils where possible, as they can leave prints on decks or upholstery.


Gym Gear

The majority of yachts now come complete with on board gyms, so make sure you pack your exercise outfits in preparation. For those charter vacations where you’re heading on explorations, be sure to pack comfortable walking clothing too. Oh, and don’t forget those Fitbits to make sure you can monitor your workout!


Soft Shell Luggage

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, space can be limited on board, so soft shell luggage is a useful way of taking your belongings with you. Hard shell suitcases are often bulky and will be left blocking corridors or taking up much needed space.