The Yacht Charter Calendar

The charter year is split into ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ seasons when it comes to weather and climate, and ‘high’ and ‘low’ seasons when it comes to peak times and popularity with tourists.

When choosing your ideal location, consider the seasonal climate carefully, as yachts tend to move in line with the warmer seasons in each destination. Choosing the best cruising months in each location will help you get the most out of your luxury charter vacation. In addition, cruising out of season can result in a lack of open marina locations, less choice of yachts, and a reduction in local tourist attractions.

Keep in mind that the summer and winter seasons will vary between the two hemispheres, and provide varying weather conditions according to location.

In this article, we explore the charter seasons, and uncover the perfect time of year to visit some of the world’s most stunning locations.

The Summer Season

In yachting terms, the summer season typically ranges from April to October, with the most popular regions for this time of year being the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, Northern Europe, and the America’s.

The vast majority of yachts are equipped to create the most comfortable conditions on board, despite soaring temperatures. With so many global events and attractions taking place during the summer season, it’s always advisable to book early to avoid disappointment.

Links to regions such as – Greece, Italy, Ibiza, Sardinia, French Riviera, North America,

The Winter Season

Typically ranging from November to April, the majority of yachts head for the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands and the Indian Ocean during this time. Parts of the Middle East and indeed the Far East also remain popular during this time, and the southern states of America can also provide pleasant weather during the winter months.

While some locations may be quieter during the ‘winter’ season, many prove extremely popular as an alternative to those visited during the ‘summer’. Early booking will most likely still be necessary to capture a taste of winter sun.

Links to regions such as – The Bahamas, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, St Barts, Indonesia, Thailand, Miami, North America.

Whatever The Season

There are a number of yachts suitable for year-round chartering, based in those locations with a consistent, pleasant climate. It’s always worth keeping in mind that many of these locations are prone to hurricanes and strong winds at certain times of the year, so always discuss your booking time with your charter broker.

Locations that prove popular year-round, may still have peak tourist seasons, so keep that in mind when choosing your perfect charter.


High & Low Season

 The high season generally refers to the busiest time of year in that particular location. This does vary around the world, so it’s certainly worth checking each destination. The low season refers to the slowest, quietist time of year in that location, where reduced charter rates and less tourists can be more common.

Keep in mind that chartering during a location’s low season may mean choosing from a limited number of yachts, or experiencing some restriction in marina access or tourist attractions.