Meet the Crew!

An amazing luxury charter vacation is only possible due to the dedicated, experienced crew on board. Crew members are not only there for guest safety, but also to ensure each and every detail is taken care of when it comes to a relaxing, decadent experience. In many ways, the crew make the charter, and enhance the experience for your guests.


The charter crew on board are experienced professionals chosen by the owner of your chosen yacht. It’s a handy tip to discuss your needs with your charter broker, to make sure your crew are well suited to you and your guests personalities and interests.


A mid-size yacht typically carries 6 to 15 crew members, in many cases outnumbering the guests. This enables each and every crew member to offer an exemplary service, and add to the overall personal touch you expect.


The Captain

The captain is the highest ranking figure on board and is responsible for the yacht, crew and passengers. Don’t forget to utilize the experience and local knowledge of your captain when expressing itinerary requirements. They are often delighted to help you enjoy the best possible experience, and enjoy sharing their experiences with you. In the unlikely event of an issue with a crew member, you should direct your complaint to the captain.


The Chef


An experienced chef is a vital part of any charter vacation, serving up international, world-class cuisine for you and your guests. Many charter chefs have worked all around the world, with some even awarded Michelin stars. Before you head off on your charter vacation, you’ll have expressed your likes and dislikes on your preferences form, so you can be assured of having your favorite dishes served to your tastes. It’s always a good idea to express your favorite food and drink in as much detail before you travel, to ensure your charter vacation is truly tailor-made.


The Steward/Stewardess

Generally in charge of housekeeping, the steward or stewardess will look after daily cleaning duties and laundry, ensuring you and your guests are comfortable. You’ll most likely see the steward or stewardess more than any other crew member, and they work to impeccably high standards. On occasion, some stewards or stewardesses also have massage or manicure skills too!


Interior/Deck Crew


The many crew members will have a range of individual responsibilities. In addition to maintaining the everyday maintenance of the yacht, they’ll also be assisting you and your guests with water sports or activities, and helping to arrange any additional items you may require, such as a towel or pillow.




Responsible for the technical maintenance of the yacht, the engineers tend to spend most of their time below deck, but can sometimes help with toys and tenders where required.


Should you tip your crew?


This topic is one that arises regularly among new charter guests, and is a very gray area. Generally, tipping your crew is at you and your guests discretion according to the level of service you receive. American crews tend to accept no less than 15 per cent tips, while European crews expect 5 to 10 per cent.


Tipping usually takes place at the end of the charter vacation and is usually presented to the captain, for him/her to divide equally between the crew. In some instances, you may wish to tip the crew members individually, but do remember that much of the crew remains below deck, and could miss out. It’s advisable to save your tipping until the final day of your charter.