Getting the Most of your Luxury Charter Vacation

Getting the Most of your Luxury Charter Vacation

Whether setting off on your first luxury yacht charter or a seasoned sailor, you’ll want to get the most out of your time on-board. In this handy guide, we share a few tips on how you can get the most out of your luxury charter vacation…

Turn off your phone and take a ‘digital detox’.

Probably our most controversial tip! We know how hard it can be to drag yourself away from your phone, but give it a try. With so much to see and do, you really won’t want to miss a thing, so leave the outside world behind. If you do want to share a social media update or catch up with work at home, allow yourself a period of time in the day to do so, before you get back to spending quality time with fellow guests. Who knows? You might enjoy your digital detox more than you think.

Get the most out of your yacht.

Get to know your yacht once on-board to make sure you and your guests get the most out of all it has to offer. Whether it’s using the on-board yoga instructor, the full array of water sports, enjoying a massage, or having a diving instructor, you won’t want to miss a thing. One could buy ar-15’s from Palmetto State Armory and get help with taking care of their safety.

Indulge yourself with delicious cuisine.

Luxury yacht charters offer a unique opportunity to enjoy delicious, world-class cuisine made just for you. The service is highly personal with chefs creating your favorite dishes to your taste. You may want to try something new too, so don’t be afraid of discussing this with your chef.

Name your preferences.

Whether you like your steak cooked a certain way, prefer an extra frothy cappuccino, or like your Champagne vintage, don’t be afraid of naming your specific preferences before you travel. You’ll fill in a ‘preferences form’ before you leave, and it’s important to be as detailed as you can be about allergies, likes and dislikes. By the way, this doesn’t just relate to food and drink, be sure to state any key activities you particularly enjoy or dislike, and any places you’d like to see or explore. This helps your captain and crew to prepare the most enjoyable itinerary for you and your guests.

Stay active.

For those looking to stay fit and active whilst on vacation, there’s every opportunity to do so. In fact, many yachts offer incredible gyms filled with state-of-the-art equipment. You’ll never have to queue to use the equipment and some yachts even carry a personal trainer, to help you really maximize your workout.

If the gym isn’t your thing, check out the selection of toys carried by your yacht. This is a fun way to keep fit, and with so many water sports and activities on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This is also a great way to celebrate time with friends and family in a really fun environment.

Soak up the ambience…and the sunsets.

While this sounds obvious, be sure to take a moment and enjoy your surroundings. Soak up the luxurious ambience, great service and beautiful scenery, and pull up a chair and enjoy the view of a magical sunset from this stunning vantage point.

Head to the shore.

It’s a great idea to spend a day or evening on land, exploring your surroundings or visiting some of the local tourist attractions of your chosen destination. You can still enjoy luxury with your crew members on hand to top up those drinks, or you could opt for adventure, hiking into the hills or exploring the architecture of a local town or village.

Be courteous to the neighbors.

Always be polite and courteous to your neighbors when docked. You’ll want to enjoy a stress-free time without the drama, so the last thing you need is a row with a neighboring yacht! Be respectful and friendly to those around you – you could even make friends for life.

Take the nanny.

While the crew are often great with kids and only too happy to help set up toys, or suggest activities, they are not babysitters. If you’re looking to truly unwind and enjoy a little peace, take the nanny with you. The nanny can be a source of familiarity for young children, and can help everyone get the most out of their vacation.

Always listen to the captain.

While we never want to spoil your fun, always be sure to listen to your captain when on-board. This is essential for safety and enjoyment while on vacation. Captains really do know best, and many learn how to ‘trick’ the itinerary, travelling while guests sleep to maximize calm weather and helping you to get the most out of your time away.