Charter a Yacht in Seychelles

A Private Charter to the Seychelles

Unimaginable beauty awaits a determined traveler off of East Africa—the Seychelles, an island country with 115 islands, each unique in their own right, brimming with natural astonishments from steamy rainforests, smooth rock formations, translucent blue-green waters over golden sands, and the thick, dense forests of its national parks, alive with thousands of exotic animal species. Scattered in the Indian Ocean, its closest island cousins are the Maldives, Madagascar, and Comoros, but it manages to hold its title as the smallest population of any of its fellow sovereign African countries.

Planning Your Luxury Charter Itinerary to the Seychelles

In the Seychelles, island hop amongst some of the world’s most biologically diverse spots of land afloat in vividly blue waters and drenched in the hot rays of its tropical sun. Stay in a beach hut on the North Island and make friends with the native turtles on this small granitic island, then try your hand at fly-fishing on Desroches Island, the main island in the Amirante Islands. Fine sands fill its beaches while dense forests line the inner heart of the island, reaching their branches out for perfect resting spots for tittering grey francolins, flocking house sparrows, fluttering zebra doves, or wearied Madagascar fodies.

Desroches Island isn’t the only place to spot such a splash of bird life. Visit Bird Island, a name that holds its own. The northernmost island in Seychelles is known for its feathered residents like the sooty terns, fairy terns, Seychelles sunbird, and common noddies, but also on this coral island you’ll discover its bright, gem waters teeming with marine life. Hawksbill and green turtles swim along, harmoniously in sync with the rhythm of the waves, as well as the adorably lumbering sea-beasts, manatees, nosing about nearby. Now privately owned, the island takes great care for its fellow wildlife inhabitants, but invites enthused guests to stay at the resort at one of its twenty-four bungalows.

Sainte Anne Marine National Park of the Seychelles is comprised of a handful of magnificent islands about three miles from the island country’s capital of Victoria. The largest among them is Sainte Anne Island, crowned with a towering peak of 807-feet in a sea bursting of lush vegetation. On Sainte Anne Island, you can find the remnants of a life left long ago by the French, specifically from the St. Abbs Whaling Company’s whaling station and its subsequent ruins. A step toward the modern era will bring you to the recently debuted Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort & Spa, where guests can sit back, relax, and enjoy the eighty-seven luxury villas on the island’s southwest point. Stroll the island’s six iconic beaches—at Anse Royale, one of the six, you’ll discover this is the nesting grounds for sea turtles from November to February.

Explore the wild forests of Morne Seychelles National Park on Mahé’s northern shore, where winding paths will take you to peaked views of the island, a glorious and picturesque reward of coastal views. Flock with the birds to Aride Islands, a 175-acre nature reserve where seabirds nestle together after long journeys, or hang back at Cousine Island, a small granitic spot just shy of Praslin Island. A luxury resort was built here back in 1992, but the best draw for the island are the wandering tortoise and turtle residents, peacefully minding the beaches and warm waters. For giant tortoises, speed off to Moyenne Island, where these sleepy creatures move slow along white sandy beaches to their own island time.

City life is hard to come by in tropical, beach-bound Seychelles, but you’ll find a small dose of it in the island country’s capital of Victoria, where a good portion of the total Seychellois population resides. Take a stroll through the impressively maintained Victoria Botanical Gardens, where palm trees sway with the push of a breeze, sending the aromas of the nearby spice groves through the air. You won’t want to miss the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market, colloquially dubbed the Victoria Market, where the bright colors of the outdoor market stands collide with the fresh smells of the ripened vegetables and fruits. Investigate the array of architecture in Victoria, from the Arul Mihu Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple, stony and stoic in nature, to the modern curves of the Bicentennial Monument, and to the city’s pride and joy of the Victoria Clock Tower. Try your luck at the Gran Kaz Casino or play your best hand at the Amusement Centre, and brush up on your Seychellois history at the Seychelles National Museum, a must-see for those passing through the city.

Of course, there’s a touch of ultra-luxury in the Seychelles brought to life on an artificially created island named Eden Island, funded by the ever-creative country of Dubai. Here, you can expect nothing short of extravagance with the massive hotel Eden Bleu, a yacht marina, and slew of protected bays and beaches, all conveniently close to Victoria. Perhaps after a stay here, you can get back into nature at Morne Seychellois, part of a national park and the highest mountain in all of Seychelles. Trails are lined with crooked trees, steep and arduous, but gifting climbers with staggering summit views.

Hit the bar after a day beneath the sun at Anse Intendance, a quiet, secluded beach where waves are the soundtrack to the afternoon, or snorkel in the dazzling blue waters of Grande Soeur. Hike the Anse Major Trail, along spikey green ferns and golden trails that unfold into beaches and refreshing waters, surf and fish at Alphonse Atoll, or join fellow photographers to capture the best scenes in Seychelles at Anse Cocos, where clear shallow waters cradle smooth boulders, jutting from the sands.

A Luxury Charter to the Seychelles

Life on the Seychelles takes a page from its most prominent residents: the giant tortoise. Slow, steady—expel the energy on what makes you the happiest in the given moment. It’s a good credo to live by. The giant tortoise, after all, has been moseying around the bleach-white beaches of the Seychelles for hundreds of years doing just that, and the people who have come after have taken note. So if you plan on being in a hurry, and insist on living by the New York minute, then the Seychelles isn’t for you, but if cracking open a coconut and seeking wonderment in the clear waters of the islands’ shallow pools, then welcome home.

The Seychelles is a beautiful destination for a charter vacation with friends or family. Coconut palms and white sandy beaches sit with a backdrop of forest wilderness, creating a feel of paradise.

There’s an abundance of natural harbors and a year-round charter season, so it’s not hard to see why so many people choose the Seychelles for their getaway.

There’s a number of breath-taking dive sites and an abundance of marine life around coral reef, just waiting to be explored. If that’s not your thing, kick back on one of the many idyllic beaches.

Local cuisine and a host of bars and restaurants means you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of evening entertainment.