Charter a Yacht in Fiji

Fiji is a stunning arrangement of islands brimming with green coves, volcanic craters, and inviting waters. The landscape here is unique and beautiful, and the isles of Fiji are sprawled in a horseshoe shape covering 194,000 square kilometres.

There’s a feel of paradise here, and the seclusion and serenity are just a couple of reasons why it’s such a popular choice for those seeking a memorable charter vacation.

Wildlife here is in abundance – why not view the sharks swimming or see the turtles up close. Volcanic hikes and the opportunity to island hop are ideal for the adventurer, and water sports are perfect for those seeking thrills.

A Private Yacht Charter to Fiji

The Fiji Islands were crafted from the heat of its imposing volcanic mountains and the warmth of its tropical waters. Over 300 islands make up the island country, the surrounding ocean dotted with coral reefs, and only 106 of which are inhabited, making Fiji a naturalist’s dream and a yachting expert’s best challenge yet.

The Fiji Islands are sprinkled in the South Pacific Ocean, about one-third of the way from New Zealand to Hawaii. The islands are mountainous, covered in vibrantly thick tropical forests. The collection of islands are divided into nine groups: Viti Levu, the largest and most prominent, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, Yasawa Islands, Mamanuca Islands, Lomaiviti Islands, Lau Islands, and Rotuma.

Planning Your Fiji Luxury Charter Itinerary

The highest point is Mount Tomanivi on Viti Levu, where Fiji’s capital of Suva resides as the largest metropolitan city in the collection of islands. The Suva City Carnegie Library has stood proudly pillared in the city since its construction in 1909, as well as the Government House, the official residence of Fiji’s President. The Fiji Museum, home to hundreds of Fijian artifacts, is nestled in the beautifully blooming Thurston Gardens.

Suva has over seventy parks, including the Takashi Suzuki Garden and Apted Park, allowing visitors the perfect spot to watch sunrises and sunsets. Cumming Street is lined with bright pastel painted shops that have had storefronts since colonial times. Come to Suva for the food, stay for its shopping and fashion, and surprise yourself by stumbling across one of its many concerts and nightlife options.

Let Suva treat you to the finest of Fijian foods: Kokoda, freshly caught fish marinated in citrus juices served with coconut cream, onions, and chilis. Fill in the cracks with sweet coconut bread or Lolo buns and iced tea.

Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu, is a rolling land of high mountain peaks, volcanic stones and sunset-hued sandstone. The dry climate allows for sugar cane to thrive and ushers in visitors year-round beneath the hot Fijian sun. See the Flora Tropica Botanical Gardens, where exotic flowers dazzle with glorious blooms, or visit Nukubati Island for a romantic, palm tree clad stop.

Nadi, a smaller city but not without its charms, sits on Fiji’s main island. In Nadi, you’ll catch glimpse of Fiji’s Indian population, especially with a visit to Sri Siva Subramaniya, a sacred Hindu site built with colors as spectacular as the turquoise waters Fiji is immersed in. And for more—the Garden of the Sleeping Giant awaits travelers hunting for more of Fiji’s awe-inspiring nature. The landscaped parks is where orchids bloom beneath bright green trees and walkways.

The Mamanuca Islands spot the cerulean waters to the west of Nadi and the south of the Yasawa Islands. This gathering of twenty volcanic islands immersed in warm, crystal clear waters calls out to snorkelers, scuba divers, boaters and beach bums alike. Resorts welcome travelers, padding their stays with umbrella garnished drinks and local Fijian cuisine crafted from the nature’s bounty that surrounds it. Unwind beneath lazy palm trees and beaches as you contemplate the day’s activities—from doing absolutely nothing to kayaking and sailing.

Kula Wild Adventure Park offers a balance to the quietness of Fiji’s chains of islands with excitement in exploration. Originally established as a bird park, it was transformed into a family friendly platform for tourists to intimately connect to Fijian wildlife by means of expansive walkways and attractions. Nestled in the park are hundreds of animals.

Tiny and spectacular are the two features that South Sea Island and Monuriki have. These islands, unspoiled and uninhabited by man, call to those in search of a day trip through tepid waters to these breathtaking bits carved from Fiji’s idyllic scenery. Cast Away was shot on the island—the pale beaches and rugged, tropical covered terrain against bright blue waters doesn’t make this a bad spot to be stranded on—at least for a day.

Yasawa, the main island of the Yaswa Group, lies in Fiji’s Western Division, and offers a contrast to the small islands of the Fiji’s collective country. Set against a sprawling green jungle backdrop, Yasawa presents guests with swimming, diving, snorkeling, and long days beneath the bright Fijian sun. The rest of the Yasawa Island chain is similarly mountainous, with striking views of land once born from volcanic activity, formed into steep, rolling peaks.

Choose a Fijian Yacht Charter for Your Holiday

Fiji—an island country synonymous with paradise retains this reputation by embodying the epitome of a tropical utopia. Charter to Fiji for beaches as white as flocking gulls, waters as warm as a bath, bluer than the purest gem, and skies that open up to the pulsing rays of fresh sun.

But also charter to Fiji for its larger cities, overlooked by passing tourists, easily distracted by Fiji’s staggering nature. In its cities like Suva, you’ll find the heart of its people and the collective influences of a culture.

Fiji, with its hundreds of islands of unique tropical landscapes, is the soul of the Pacific, the sentiment you’ll taste in its life-giving food, in the sight of its unbelievably dramatic nature, and in the hearts of the people who proudly live in this island country.